Balsa - an e-mail client for GNOME

Download current balsa release

Current balsa-2.5.6 - released on 2018-06-01

This is a stable snapshot of current git repostory, master branch

Download from:

Older releases

gtk2-based balsa-2.4.14 - released on 2013-02-14

This is probably the last release based on gtk2 toolkit. Future releases will be built against gtk3.

Download (please observe that balsa is included in several linux distributions - please check there first for an appropriate version!):

Packages for libesmtp and gmime are also available for several Linux distributions; to build from source, you will need these and the corresponding -devel packages.

GIT source & build instructions

Balsa source is also available from the GNOME GIT repository. Check out balsa module. The GIT version is sometimes not sufficiently stable for everyday use it but has all the new features and is the best starting point if you want to hack Balsa.

To clone all the history and branches of Balsa, from a shell:

git clone git://

If you want the check-out to be put in a folder that is not named balsa, specify your own folder name as a second argument to git clone.

The main branch (known as master in a GIT repository) requires recent versions of Gtk and GLib, and version 2.4 of GMime. The gtk3 branch compiles against gtk3 library.